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God Hates Link Sellers: saw the sign at SES San Jose?

08/25/08 | by | Categories: Search Engine Strategies
God Hates Link Sellers SEM SEOs
Click on pic to enlarge - God Hates: Greedy, Link Sellers, Drunks, SEM SEOs...

Did you notice those guys next to the Fairmont hotel?
Did you pay attention to their signs? :))



Comment from: Matt [Visitor]


08/25/08 @ 12:00 pm
Christoph C. Cemper

Awesome! Love it!

08/25/08 @ 02:17 pm
Comment from: Justin Seibert [Visitor]
Justin Seibert

Awesome! I would have moved SEM SEOS up a little though - maybe above greedy thieves.

08/25/08 @ 06:56 pm
Comment from: Dave Davies [Visitor]
Dave Davies

LMAO !!!

08/25/08 @ 09:20 pm
Comment from: Ben [Visitor]

…Why else do you think I moved into SEO?!

08/26/08 @ 10:30 am
Comment from: Link Building Blog [Visitor]
Link Building Blog

Well I guess I’ll be going to hell then! Oh well :)

08/26/08 @ 11:44 am
Comment from: Adrian Berry [Visitor]
Adrian Berry

Notice the guy with the “God will judge you soon” tee-shirt? Wonder what PR I’ll get. :D

08/26/08 @ 12:07 pm
Comment from: Vinay [Visitor]  

Who is the GOD here? GOD = GOOGLE ?? :) Ha Ha! Great shot btw! :D

08/26/08 @ 12:23 pm
Comment from: Jeffrey [Visitor]

What if the link was a .god and had good PR?

08/26/08 @ 10:04 pm
Comment from: Cygnus [Visitor]

I don’t trust anyone that can’t spell “judgement.”

08/27/08 @ 04:15 am
Comment from: Robert [Visitor]

Hahahahaha… absolutely classic. Guess even god hates me :P

08/27/08 @ 11:14 am
Comment from: Wil [Visitor]

I believe the “E” is simply hidden due to a fold. Notice that the “G” is slightly bent inward?

08/28/08 @ 08:32 pm
Comment from: SEO Services [Visitor]
SEO Services

That’s hilarious, so where these guys joking around or what?

12/28/08 @ 02:08 am
Comment from: Yellow SEO [Visitor]
Yellow SEO

Too funny, he didn’t mention anything about the tree hugging adverts (the signs chained to the tree next to him)

02/28/09 @ 10:03 pm
Comment from: Starr Gelbhaar [Visitor]
Starr Gelbhaar

OMG, thats just too funny. Reminds me of that Extremist Christian fanatical group from somewhere in the midwest that rallied at various funerals of soliers and walk around with various things God hates in an effort to condem and confront those who disagree with their views and beliefs.

But seriously, got hates SEM’s and SEO’s? Whats up with that…? Think he just cant get his site to rank?

05/16/09 @ 07:59 pm
Comment from: scott [Visitor]

haa haa….

08/17/09 @ 04:02 am
Comment from: secockpit review [Visitor]
secockpit review

I like the man with the t-shirt “God will judge you soon"… :D

06/26/11 @ 07:58 am
Comment from: allen [Visitor]  


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