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"Making money while you sleep"

11/18/08 | by | Categories: Webmasterworld Pubcon

The holy grail everyone tries to achieve at conferences like PubCon Las Vegas is to make money while they sleep...

Considering the amount of partying going on in Vegas, you have to wonder though: how can they achieve that if they actually never sleep!? :>>

Or at the very least, look at it this way: The more you sleep, the more money you will make during your sleep ;) And the less you sleep, the harder it's gonna be... :P

That is my recommendation to cope with the down economy: "sleep more!" :))


Webmasterworld Pubcon 2008 Discount Coupon Codes

10/24/08 | by | Categories: Webmasterworld Pubcon

In case you're planning to go to PubCon and you still haven't registered, you can take advantage of the 20% OFF coupon codes that all speakers have been posting on their respective blogs lately. Here are a few samples:

  • wa-67720
  • na-84420
  • gr-78320
  • je-74020
  • la-68920

All coupons expire on October 30th.