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SES San Jose '08 not over yet!

09/05/08 | by | Categories: Search Engine Strategies

All right, so last year the "cool thing" to say was "that (4 star) hotel sucked" (oh please!). This year the "in" thing is "it's all about networking" (understand "the sessions sucked")...

Well I beg to disagree! I attended some excellent sessions every day... except actually the last... yeah ok, I'll give you that: the last day was all about networking, PubCon style!

Even if you learn nothing fundamentally new in these sessions, there's always that little detail, that new tool or even that question from the audience that inspires you!

You might actually want to go back there on the site and download the presentations of the sessions you missed partially... or completely. (Check your mail/spam folder to find the login and password if you attended).

Now the thing is... if you weren't there, the slides are pretty useless if you don't have the audio. And the audio... you only get if you register for Search Engine Watch. That itches me... but I might register...

Still, some interesting presentations IMO:

  • Tim Ash on landing page testing
  • Bryan Eisenberg on Pay Per Conversation
  • Larry Lawfer on story telling (where's that PDF?)

Now, of course, the "networking" (I hate that word... is is about catching people in your net or is it about working on them?) was interesting too!

It's always a pleasure to talk to (or even just listen to) guys like Dave Naylor, Greg Boser and Shoemoney.

Then there's those guys I just love to hang out with, no matter what... Hi to Monte and Chris!

Greetings also to Emilio, Dave, David, Marcus, Neil and Bob!


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